Our sourcing services enable Garnitrust customers to buy and to shift goods/products  in a complete safety manner from China and from Africa, to all destinations around the world.

Your main purchasing partner upon Sino-Africa market at four (4) levels:

  1. Connecting you to the manufacturer/supplier
  2. Assisting you in negotiation
  3. Quality /quantity control
  4. Full sourcing

 1-Connecting you to the manufacturer/supplier:

We connect you to the right manufacturer and we let you negotiate on your own manner with the manufacturer. We are not in charge of any bad events or any misunderstandings or misconduct. (Connection to the manufacturer)

 2-Assisting you in negotiation:

We negotiate with the manufacturers in your behalf about:  price, quality, quantity, logistics, and delivery on time.

 3-Quality/ quantity control:

we assist you on the product and quality/quantity control for you to avoid all type of misconduct situations.

 4-Full Sourcing

We act as a representative company, endorsing our customer financial transactions process. We pay the manufacturers as a representative person on our customer’s behalf. At this stage, we endorse our customers regarding the entire financial transactions process to the manufacturers.

We pay invoices and bills in our customers’ names to avoid them to get into financial troubles (the risks of declaration of non receiving capital transferred for example,).

We are in charge of all misconducts or misleading claim.


These are examples of products that we may provide to you easily

  • 1.Food & Beverage
  • 2.Electronics & Electricals
  • 3.Energy/ Green Power
  • 4.Industrial Equipment & Components
  • 5.Building Construction
  • 6.Conference & Summit
  • 7.Automotive & Auto Parts
  • 8.Building Decorations & Building Materials
  • 9.Plant & Machinery
  • 10.Fashion & Accessories
  • 11.Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • 12.Health & Medicine
  • 13.Textile
  • 14.Technologies
  • 15.Environment
  • 16.Fabrics & Textiles
  • 17.Green Energy
  • 18.Furniture & Furnishing
  • 19.Printing & Publishing
  • 20.Real Estate, Properties, Investment
  • 21.Apparel & Clothing
  • 22.Metal, Minerals & Foundary
  • 23.Railway, Shipping & Aviation
  • 24.Sporting Goods & Recreation
  • 25.Construction
  • 26.Entertainment
  • 27.Medical Science & Medicine
  • 28.Coatings, Printing Inks & Adhesives
  • 29.Education & Training
  • 30.Light & Lighting
  • 31.Packaging
  • 32.Tools & Tooling Equipments
  • 33.Woodworking Industry & Furniture Accessories, Materials
  • 34.Hotels



Western Union

In order to ease the business to all customers, GARNITRUST is accepting also payment by Western Union .

The due amount will be sent to the following receiver:

western_unionFirst name (Given name):  ESSIVI

Surname(Family name : AMEHON

Address : CHINA

Emails :  ;


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