Garnitrust provides general consultancy services in Education, Sourcing and Investment. Our consultancy services are based on building up trust, and credibility for customers.

Our strategy consists to provide you for genuine information and counsels with precision about what are happening upon Chinese market also about what are happening upon African markets in all areas.



If you want to avoid to deal with crooks, Garnitrust is becomes then your unique opportunity to free your time and resources.

Consultancy Capacities

We cooperate with Companies, Governments staffs, Universities, Factories also with  Individuals (economic operators/business players). We will give you insight on the breakdown of the costs you may prepare for whether it is for your Trip, Investment, Education, Sourcing, and Business into China or into Africa.

We will tell you whether the person (moral or private) with whom you are dealing with in China or in Africa is credible or not, and we will reveal you their real identity. Garnitrust provides Consultancy Services in:

- Investment and Contracts Research

Our investment  Services consist to provide orientation and to provide counsels on the feasibility of projects related to the area where our customers choose to invest in Africa or in China. Garnitrust Contracts Research Services consist of Companies Representations and Certifications matters in term of diplomatic relations.

-Business Orientations and Trade

Our Business Orientation and Trade services consist to inform, to give insight on the importance for our customers to participate on trade fairs exhibitions and Expo events whether in China, in Africa or at International Destinations.

We organize, arrange and cooperate with trade fairs, and expo exhibition organizers in China and in Africa to represent Companies in all Industries.


Garnitrust Education consultancy mission consists to identify, to match the right universities, schools, or training institutions to all people who want to pursue their studies or training in China in a safe manner.

We provide trustful and credible counsels on how to get scholarship in China also at International destinations.

For our customers who applied for this product, we will give information about the necessary budget it’s needed to prepare for one year also about the process to apply from universities or institutions in China. We welcome all questions related to that purpose.

We are aware of your future and we are pleased to assist you during your preparation, to get to China for your study in a safe manner.

-Travelling to China

We arrange your trip and journeys to China in term of, visa application, hotels reservation, transportation, communication ( internet, telephone, translation guide..), restaurants, language assistance, personal guide assistance ( shopping, tourism…..).

We facilitate your stay in China. After application to this product, we will deliver details on costs of your stay in China, depends on how long to spend ( 1-8 days; 1 month….) and in which location.

We welcomed all your questions on this purpose.

-Travelling to Africa

We arrange your trip or journeys to Africa in term of visa application, hotels reservation, transportation, security, communication( internet, telephone, translation guide..), restaurants, language assistance, personal guide for (shopping, tourism..). we facilitate and secure your stay in Africa.

After application to this product, we will offer details with precision on the budget to prepare for your stay in Africa depends on which country or area and for how long.

We will answer all your questions about that purpose.

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