Shanghai GARNITRUST is Business Consulting Company specialized in Contracts Research in terms of Investment; Sourcing, Procurement, Tourism and Education.

Shanghai GARNITRUST Business Consulting Co., Ltd, works in terms of bridge between China and African countries.Nobody knows China and Africa more than we do! We assist Business Operators in contracts research, Procurement, Tourism, Exhibitions, and Investments services.Moreover, we assist Students in Scholarships and Admissions research for them to further education in China or at International Destinations.Our website is designed to assist, to inform and to orientate customers.



GARNITRUST( Guarantee, Research, Negotiation, Investment and Trust), is a Business Consultancy Services Provider Company. Shanghai Garnitrust Business Consulting start operate since 2012 in Shanghai , the economic capital city of China. Our Business activities are focus on Education, Tourism, Procurement, Investments and Sourcing.We secure your business process and expansion in a complete safety ways in Africa also in China. GARNITRUST is a professional and safe Useful Links to connect investors to Africa also to China.

We help our customers to learn the costs and the risks associated with exporting and importing for them to develop a strategy for business success in Africa or in China. We provide procurement (Sourcing) services to companies also to all economic operators. Our Guide discusses what decisions need to be made and where to get the knowledge to make them.

We direct the reader to sources and to invest with our assistance in a complete safety throughout the updated data related to China-Africa federal,to state governments, as well as to the private sector. Moreover, our website is design to provide data for academic research projects. OUR CAPABILITY: Investment, Business,Education


GARNITRUST is founded in China with a Business Administration and Management West African PhD Candidates, Consultants, Experts and Business Managers to meet the demand upon Sino- Africa Market. We act as African Consulting Organization to safely connect investors, buyers,Students to the Sino- Africa market.

Shanghai Garnitrust Consultancy Co., Ltd services go through Investment, Education, Sourcing, and Travels activities. GARNITRUST aims to become in the next 10 years, the most famous African’s website tools to connect the right importers and exporters at the right time to the China also  to the Africa Market.In addition, we aim to assist with complete devotion Students, connecting them to the Universities that match their profile in term of Scholarships research, Exchanges Programs, Admissions research, Social Integration..


Shanghai Garnitrust Consulting Co.,Ltd  provides Consultancy services in Investment- SOURCING- Education-Tourism. We cover West Africa and China markets .  But our business aims to cover in the next 10 years the whole world( Africa, China, Europe, America, Canada…)


Our strategy is based on knowledge trough Experiences and Expertise.


To turn on Shanghai Garnitrust Consulting Co.,Ltd Organization  to the most Africa safe tools and useful link, to connect people to the Sino-Africa Markets within the next 10 years.


Our mission is to inform, to connect, to orientate and to assist customers.


Our values is based on Truth , Trust, Safety and  Honesty (TTSH) principles ,  knowing that  the ideal sourcing ,consulting and Investment situation for an organization happens when a cross-functional team collaborates on all aspects of a sourcing or contract research  projects.

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